Jack Dempsey Autographed Framed Publicity Photograph

Jack Dempsey signed photo whole item The heavyweight champion of the world during sports’ Golden Era of the 1920’s, Jack became perhaps the first sportsman to successfully evolve his brand into many different business avenues during and following his athletic career. A tremendous puncher and aggressive stalker, the Manassa Mauler grew into one of the most beloved and watched heavyweight champions of all time bringing throngs of serious and casual boxing fans alike to the gate during his reign at the top of the heavyweight class. Dempsey owned the heavyweight championship for approximately six years, during which time Dempsey was involved in a myriad of business ventures and endorsements. Once his career was over, Jack opened his eponymous eatery in New York, and continued his presence in entertainment, making guest appearances on both the small and big screens. This black and white entertainment publicity photo depicts a middle age Dempsey smooth in a suit, and measures approximatley 12″ x 15″ framed. Jack added a perfect black sharpie auto just left of center to the viewer.


To pay by cash, check, or money order, call (818) 884-2273.

Jack Dempsey signed photo reverse

Jack Dempsey signed photo authenticity card

Jack Dempsey signed photo authenticity sticker

Jack Dempsey signed photo whole item

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